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Client Testimonials


Testimonials: Testimonials

Amazing, accurate and healing. I had an amazing Angel reading with Dany and It blew my mind. The amount of information he knew was unbelievable. Also many of the things he said have all come true. You feel so peaceful and lighter after the session. THIS GUY IS THE REAL DEAL!!!! Thank you Dany and angels!


Dany is so gifted and has an amazing ability to connect with the Angels. He is a wonderful and honest angel medium and mentor! He always makes you feel welcome & at ease. Dany’s expansive knowledge in connecting with the divine, has helped me become more in tune with the Angels. He is compassionate about being and bringing more light into this world. His teacher training program has taught me so much. His readings are always accurate!


Having lived a life with fears and doubts and always being worried about everything, was what I thought to be normal. After a couple of sessions with Danny, I can honestly say that I now trust that life is great, love does exist and that I must live my life with love, confidence and happiness. Let my Angels guide me and I know that should I have one of those days, Danny and the Angels are always there to put me back on track.


Dany has changed my life. After many years of seeing therapists to overcome a tough childhood, and adulthood, I was still stuck & lost. I felt like those therapists left a hole inside me, that my brain didn’t work like it ‘should.’ Yes they were great therapists too. But after my 1st session with Dany, for the first time in my life, I felt WHOLE. I felt normal, like there wasn’t anything wrong with me after all!

His sessions feel like he is right there with my soul, walking together with me, understanding ME from when I was a child, to my present moment. His words & energy are HEALING. After my sessions I feel blessed, full of energy & released of suffering. I feel joy, hope, faith & a deeper connection to myself. He can find the main obstacles within us & give us the words & energy to heal those pains.

I have also attended Dany’s retreat in Sedona, and it was LIFE CHANGING. Like how did he help me uncover one of my biggest obstacles that no other therapist identified in me over the past 35yrs? How did he know what I needed to release & learn that weekend? How did he pull that out of me & throw it into the creek & wind so that I could finally have peace & understanding? He is a walking miracle. Dany is a spiritual master, kind & rooted in God. He is a remarkable soul I feel incredibly LUCKY to know.


Dany is a gift from heaven. I’ve attended several angel workshops and received personal readings from him. Dany’s readings are not only amazingly accurate, but give you a an incredible peace. He has given me clarity during difficult times and helped me get through many trials and tribulations. I am so blessed to have met Dany in this lifetime. I only wish I had met him sooner! <3


Dany Is a gift from God. He is a true vessel between us humans and the big world that exists that we have no clue about. Dany is spot on with everything he says. He picks up on emotions that we try to hide. I’m truly blessed to have met Dany and will recommend him to anyone who needs some clarity. Dany will forever be my spiritual advisor. If you are lost, Need some clarity, need to speak to someone in the other side.
Call Dany. Don’t wait! Not another second!


Every time I get a reading from Dany Michaels it is 100 percent accurate. He knows things that nobody would know about my life. You will not be disappointed if you get a reading with him, you will absolutely be amazed by his abilities. I ask him questions about a problem I’m having and he knows the details without me telling him. He has guided me through the toughest times in my life and he has never been wrong. He is the real thing and he is absolutely gifted by God. I rarely leave reviews but I feel like more people should know about Dany Michaels because he can give you clarity and guidance by looking into your future, past and present situation. He is accurate and absolutely amazing. He can also help you with loved ones who have passed away. I’m very grateful for Dany Michaels.


My first reading with Dany I wasn’t expecting much, the peace he gave me and my kids is unexplainable it’s a love I hadn’t felt in a long time, when he pin pointed my husband right away and said “he always stands behind you guys”was the best feeling ever, Dany and the angels have helped me love myself more and have given me the courage to keep going I feel confident, that I can do anything I want, I follow Dany around when he has workshops because I love to feel his light and peace he gives me, it makes me feel free and loved by the angels and god, I feel god so close to me❤️😇 thank you Dany and angels for all your help and love 🙏🏽


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