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White Sand and Stone

Angel Mentoring

Mentoring: Welcome

Are you Ready to step into your power, grow your faith and be of service to the Light?

Dany has been trained by the angels and archangels, and has been given unique teachings on how to connect with the angelic frequencies. During private Angel mentor sessions, Dany will support you, and help you discover your life path.

Dany is also a Medium, Dany can also offer mediumship mentoring together with the angel mentoring. Learn to connect with human spirits to give and receive their messages. Because all souls are unique, Dany will help you learn many different forms of channeling, to help you find the one or several forms that best work for you.

This is a divine learning process designed to guide you towards making angelic communication. This process becomes a life contract to serve the Light. You will receive angelic guidance and support as you remember to step into your power and mission. Many unique factors will be revealed during your mentorship. Factors such as: Soul origin, past lives, soul purpose, guides, angels and archangels.

Mentoring is available for those who are ready to develop their abilities and help the world. Mentoring can be done in the time frame that is best suited for you (Daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). Mentoring is offered online or in person.

Mentoring: About Me
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