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Tips for a Great Reading

  • The more Relaxed and Rested you are, the better the energy will flow during your reading.

  • Don't be scared. My Angel readings are good and therapeutic . Angels are pure love and will never inflict fear, only truth.

  • Come with an open mind and an open heart.

  • Expect to feel great and lighter after your reading.

  • Your Angels will guide me towards the areas or your life they wish to talk about, and will bring specific messages they want to provide.

  • Angel messages are honest and direct, and are intended for your highest good.

  • Take time to digest the reading, it will all make sense.

  • Just like I can talk to Angels, I can also speak with the dead.

  • I am also a medium, and I am able to contact the spirit world. Departed loved ones might come through with messages.

  • Don't expect your departed loved ones to automatically come through, sometimes we have to call them and see if they're available. (I do not force anything, I leave everything natural). 

  • Spirit communication is SACRED, make sure to have a purpose for wanting to contact the dead. 

  • If you're seeking to connect with someone in the spirit world, I will only need their name. Validation will come from them during the reading.

  • Multiple Spirits can come through at times.

  • Remember, I do not force spirit communication. 90% of the time spirits come through. they have a choice and are in the drivers seat of the reading.

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No refunds and rescheduling after booking, canceling or missing appointments.

All appointments are set in Arizona time.

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Angel Services

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