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Tips for a Great Reading

  • My readings are very different than your average psychic readings, they are more therapeutic and divinely guided. We tend to stay more in the present moment and how to guide you towards am amazing future. If you're looking for some fun without a purpose, I do not recommend you get a rereading from me.  

  • The more Relaxed and Rested you are, the better the energy will flow during your reading.

  • Don't be scared. My Angel readings are good and therapeutic . Angels are pure love and will never inflict fear, only truth.

  • Come with an open mind and an open heart.

  • Expect to feel great and lighter after your reading.

  • Your Angels will guide me towards the areas or your life they wish to talk about, and will bring specific messages they want to provide.

  • Angel messages are honest and direct, and are intended for your highest good.

  • Take time to digest the reading, it will all make sense.

  • Just like I can talk to Angels, I can also speak with the dead.

  • I am also a medium, and I am able to contact the spirit world. Departed loved ones might come through with messages.

  • Don't expect your departed loved ones to automatically come through, sometimes we have to call them and see if they're available. (I do not force anything, I leave everything up to GOD). 

  • Spirit communication is SACRED to me, make sure to have a PURPOSE for wanting to contact the dead. Wanting to say "hello" is not purpose enough. God is in charge of my mediumship ability, not me. 

  • If you're seeking to connect with someone in the spirit world, I will only need their name. Validation will come from them during the reading.

  • Multiple Spirits can come through at times.

  • Remember, I do not force spirit communication. 90% of the time spirits come through. They have a choice and are in the drivers seat of the reading.

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No Refunds or Rescheduling After Booking, Canceling or Missing Appointments.

All Appointments are Set in ARIZONA time not MST. You Must Plan Accordingly. The State of Arizona does not change time zones. For time zone information visit and search Arizona, United States. 

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