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Dany Michaels


My name is Dany Michaels, welcome to my site.


Growing up in the Catholic church taught me many things; however, I feel like the greatest lesson I have learned throughout my life is that having a personal relationship with GOD is the most important thing. Forming a tight bond with GOD and the Angels has proved far more important than being bound by a religion. Since childhood, I've been able to see, hear and talk to Angels. I was always aware of my ability to sense various energies. I was always able to trust my Angels and felt as though I was always one step ahead than the present moment. Throughout my life, I have honed in on differentiating between light and dark energy, and have used my abilities to help many individuals.


I am an Angel Medium. I am a messenger of GOD here on earth. I deliver messages from the angels, and deceased loved ones to assist with any life area. With the help of the Angels, I am able to help ease traumas, anxieties, depression, grief and help get you closer to the angels and God.


My purpose has become to spread the light of GOD in the world, and to use my abilities to aid those who need help finding their purpose. I am able to do this through Faith activation (help ignite the faith in others, specifically sensitive people) and helping individuals to be able to wield their own light. Additionally, I have been entrusted to guide, protect and aid those who need it. Lastly, I have the capability to channel messages from Angels and deliver these messages to people to help them achieve their highest good.


As mentioned, my main purpose is to serve GOD by using the gifts GOD and the Angels have provided me with. Life has been a journey thus far and I am excited for the plans GOD has for my future.



Love and light,



Dany Michaels

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Danys Work

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Angel Sessions


Dany offers Angel readings, Angel mentoring, and Angel therapy. All sessions are facilitated by God and the angels. Dany is the link to their work, the angels provide the energy, the power and the guidance.


Dany offers 30 minutes and 50 minutes sessions on most services.

Sessions can be done online (Zoom), by phone or in person.

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Angel Readings

Dany will connect with your team of guardian angels, spirit guides and archangels to assist you in any area of your life. There's no need to be afraid or nervous, Angel messages are full of love, you will never receive worries or fears from the angels.  


During your angel reading, Dany will receive information from your team of angels, bringing you loving, peaceful and specific accurate guidance to help you navigate any life situation.

Dany is also a Medium, he is able to connect with deceased loved ones in a natural sacred way.  


Every session is unique, Your angels always know exactly what messages you need to hear. Your Angel reading will be validating and comforting. Your angel reading will leave you feeling lighter, peaceful and happy. As you speak with Dany the angels are also cleansing your energy. Your angel reading will help ease any negative emotions such as anxiety and depression. 


Dany has only been trained by the angels, he has not learned from anyone other than the angels, archangels and God. Every session is divinely guided, there is absolutely no judgment, only love, peace and joy.

Angel Mentoring 

Dany has been trained by the angels and archangels, and has been given unique teachings on how to connect with the angelic frequencies. During private Angel mentor sessions, Dany will support you, and help you discover your life path.

Dany is also a Medium, Dany can also offer mediumship mentoring together with the angel mentoring. Learn to connect with human spirits to give and receive their messages.

Because all souls are unique, Dany will help you learn many different forms of channeling, to help you find the one or several forms that best work for you. This is a divine learning process designed to guide you towards making angelic communication.

This process becomes a life contract to serve the Light. You will receive angelic guidance and support as you remember to step into your power and mission. Many unique factors will be revealed during your mentorship. Factors such as: Soul origin, past lives, soul purpose, guides, angels and archangels.

Mentoring is available for those who are ready to develop their abilities and help the world. Mentoring can be done in the time frame that is best suited for you (Daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). Mentoring is offered online or in person.

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Dany also has the ability to communicate with the dead. Dany follows the natural process of GOD and does not force spirit communication. He is able to see, hear and talk to the dead. He brings fourth their messages to help people heal and receive closure. Spirit communication is a great way to help with grief. 

To Dany, spirit communication is a sacred process and he takes it very serious. There should always be a substantial purpose behind wanting to communicate with the dead.   


Dany also utilizes this ability to assist in paranormal investigations or hauntings. He can help spirits move on and let go.  

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Additional Work

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Angel Retreats

Transformational Healing Retreats.


Go to the "Retreats" page for more information.


Podcast "Angel Talk"

Angel talk podcast available on Apple Podcast and Spotify

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Group Readings

Email for group readings or events.

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Paranormal Work

House blessings, house clearings, Paranormal investigations.

Email for more information. 

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